Pilates as Treatment for Back Pain in the Client with Sway Back Posture-
Pilates as Treatment for Back Pain in the Client with Sway Back Posture

Sway Back posture is a common factor in clients with Back Pain and other chronic syndromes.  In this online course, view a narrated power point to learn about the characteristics and problems in sway back posture and review concepts surrounding the causes and effects of this posture.  Then go to the lab with Chrissy to watch the postural evaluation and Pilates based exercise treatment of a gentleman with sway back posture and chronic low back pain.  Exercises shown are on the Mat, Reformer, Trapeze Table, and Ladder Barrel.

Course Objectives:

  1. Participants will identify and describe the Sway Back Posture.
  2. Participants will differentiate the Sway Back Posture from Lower Crossed Syndrome.
  3. Participants will identify weaknesses and length deficits of a client with the Sway Back Posture.
  4. Participants will apply exercises using the Reformer, Trap Table, Mat, and Ladder Barrel to improve Sway Back Posture and reduce low back pain.
  5. Participants will identify the components of Sway Back Posture that lead to low back pain.

CEU's:  BOC-3, PMA-3 & PAPT-3

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