Addressing Spinal Forces on the Cadillac Online Course-
Addressing Spinal Forces on the Cadillac Online Course

This workshop presented by Kathy Sanzo, MSPT will demonstrate how the Cadillac or Tower System can both facilitate and challenge spinal movements. With a deep understanding of the longitudinal system of the spine and its supporting structures, this workshop and workout will allow you the opportunity to see and experience the many forces that challenge the spine throughout daily activities. An experienced teacher understands the purpose and function of movement patterns, how to program these movements on the Cadillac, and how they relate to daily life.  This workshop will help you create a program that incorporates mobility, stability, flexibility, core strength, balance, and coordination.  We will examine new ways to use the equipment, while recognizing and respecting the biomechanical fundamentals.


  1. Define flexion, extension, sidebending and rotational forces on the spine.
  2. Demonstrate how unilateral movement, or lack of movement, places rotational or sidebending forces on the spine.
  3. Identify exercises in every plane of motion that can enhance spinal lengthening.
  4. Discover how the cadillac can enhance ideal recruitment patterns of the postural muscles with open and closed chain exercises.

CEU's:  BOC 3, PHI 3 and PMA 3

Online course enrollment expires 1 year from date of purchase.  Upon 1st login you will have 30 days to complete the course.