Rehab Specialist II Live Training-
#1423584747 Rehab Specialist II Live Training

Optimizing Movement using the Pilates Environment

Christine Romani-Ruby PT, D.Ed., MPT, ATC, PMA®CPT

This series of courses will assist the rehabilitation professional in assessing and promoting healthy movement using the Pilates repertoire.  Each 10-hour course in the 5 part series will progress the therapist in using the functional movements of Pilates to assess the neuromuscular system and then assist the client in optimizing their movement patterns to reduce pain, optimize function, and prevent injury.  Each course will make use of the mat work and all of the Pilates apparatus. 

Pre-requisites:  This course is for rehabilitation professionals such as PT, PTA, OT, MD, ATC, RN, etc. Participants should have prior Pilates training.

Rehab Specialist II

Posture is the shadow of movement.  Use static posture to determine imbalance and faulty movement patterns and reform posture by resolving the imbalances and correcting the movement.

CEU's: PMA 10, PAPT: 10, PHI: 10, and BOC 10

Textbooks and DVD's are not included.  Textbooks will be available for sale at the trainings and recommended manuals are:

The Pilates Chair: Challenge the Core Manual

Pilates: Using Small Props for Big Results Manual

PHI Pilates Tower/Cadillac Manual

New Reformer Manual
Location (If the location you are registering for is in Late Registration status there will be an additional fee of $25 applied.):