Barre Bellas Instructor Licensure Course-
#1440300947 Barre Bellas Instructor Licensure Course

This 14 hour workshop trains you to teach the Barre Bellas concept of a work out using a Barre; not a class for dancers.  Learn how to safely challenge clients while protecting knees and backs and teaching healthy movement patterns for life.  The Barre Bellas teacher program will provide the knowledge, choreography, music, and tools for a one of a kind work out using bands, barres, weights, rotation discs and more!  Make physical activity fun and provide a well rounded class for everyBODY.

Course Objectives:

1. identify and correct faulty movement patterns that can lead to back or knee injury

2. demonstrate proper hip rotation using the roto disc

3.  list the principles of the Barre Bellas work out

4. describe the concepts of stability and mobility

5.  demonstrate 15 Barre Bellas exercise sequences

CEU's 14 BOC and 14 PMA

Price: $600 

Early Registration (4 weeks prior to course):  $550

Location (If the location you are registering for is in Late Registration status there will be an additional fee of $50 applied.):