Pilates for Pre and Post Natal Clients-
#1430499277 Pilates for Pre and Post Natal Clients

This 3.5 hour online course will teach the Pilates instructor how to work safely and effectively with a pre or post natal client.  Learn the best ways to plan a program for a safe and effective exercise program. 

Course Objectives:

1. The student will describe the physiological changes in the mother throughout the pregnancy trimesters and after the baby is born.

2.  The student will list the benefits and risks of exercise to both the pregnant woman and the new mother.

3. The student will describe the faulty postures that occur in the pregnant woman and after birth of the baby and relate them to changes in muscle balance.

4. The student will design an exercise program for both the pre natal and post natal client that addresses postural changes and is attentive to contraindications.

CEU's: BOC 5, PHI 5, PMA 4.5 & PA PT-3.5 Credits

Online course enrollment expires 1 year from date of purchase.  Upon 1st login you will have 30 days to complete the course.